Manage Your Email Inbox Using These Tips

Manage Your Email Using These Tips

Do you dread opening your email?  Do you hate sifting through spam?  Does staying on top of your inbox seem like a job in itself?  That is why today, I am going to show you tips on how you can stay on top of your inbox. Only Keep Emails that Require Immediate Action in Your […]

Atomic Habits By James Clear Book Review

Atomic Habits By James Clear Book Review

Hello and welcome to my channel.  Thanks for stopping by.  This week’s video is a review of James Clear book called “Atomic Habits“. Have you ever flown from Los Angeles to New York?  What would happen if the pilot, upon take-off, was off course by 4 degrees?  Would you notice?  Most likely, you would not […]

How To Block Time Using Google Calendar – Increased Productivity

How To Block Time Using Google Calendar _ Increased Productivity

We all experience difficulties at times managing our time.  Even the most experienced time management experts experience problems sometimes. That is why today, I will show you solutions to manage your time using time blocks and Google Calendar. Step 1 Start Your Day Off What is Time Blocking?  Time blocking is essentially blocking periods throughout […]

The Best Notion Templates for 2021

Best Notion Templates for 2021

Today, I will show you the best all-around Notion templates you can use in your Notion Workspace.  Best of all, these templates are free, so that is no need for you to spend any money. Just click the link on the template name and it will take you to the page where the template is […]

Is it Possible to Only Work 4 Hours Per Week?

Is it Possible to Only Work 4 Hours Per Week?

Do you want to work eight hours a day, five days a week, until you hit that magical retirement age?  Most adults believe that they will be too old to enjoy their retirement by the time they are ready to retire.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could work four hours a week, from anywhere […]

How SECURE Is Your ONLINE Storage?

Is Your ONLINE Storage Safe_

Nowadays, you need to be concerned about the security of your data located on online storage more than ever.  After all, companies, hackers, and governments are all after your information.  The more we store our data online, the more acceptable to data breaches we become.  It isn’t easy to find an excellent online service as […]

15 Time Management Secrets of Success people

The biggest struggle we all face in life is learning to manage our time wisely. That is why today I am reviewing the book “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” by Kevin Kruse. Tip #1 What is Your Most Valuable Time Management Asset? What is your most valuable asset?  Is it money?  Your Family?  No, it is […]

Microsoft OneNote versus Evernote

OneNote vs. Evernote | Which is the Best Note-Taking App?

When selecting the best note-taking app, there are two clear winners:  Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. As with all apps, each has its pluses and minuses.  If you are looking for a free app, then look no further than OneNote.  It comes with Window 10 and is available as a free standalone product. Evernote has a […]

Best Note-taking Apps Evernote vs. Joplin

When it comes to note-taking apps and using them to increase your productivity, having an app that syncs across all your devices and has a browser version is necessary.  That is why today, I am comparing Evernote and Joplin.  The King of Note-Taking Apps The king of note-taking apps has been Evernote. However, the company […]

Best Note-Taking App Notion or Joplin?

Best Note-Taking App Notion vs Joplin

Note-Taking used to be simple.  You pick up a piece of paper and a pen and start writing.  Thanks to Charles Babbage, who invented the computer, we now have many choices for taking notes.  We can use the old fashion way of pen and paper or use applications on our phones, tablets, or computers. Furthermore, […]